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Are you interested in writing about casting on our blog? We welcome artists, bloggers, gallerists, or anyone else who loves casting. Please submit your proposal and we'll be in touch. 

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Here are some general topics that would be a good fit for the CAST Blog. This is not an exhaustive list, rather it will give you an idea of how we see the blog developing and approaches you could take.  If you have an article in mind that falls outside of this list, run it by us!

Do Write About:

•    Your own work (this should be work that uses casting as a primary process and the narrative needs to touch on how/why you use casting)
•    Artists/makers whose primary process is casting
•    Casting in the field of art/craft/design/industry/science/technology
•    The casting process itself – this can be a how-to, a demo video, a series of process photos with captions, etc.
•    Wax carving, modeling, using found objects, moldmaking
•    Places that specialize in casting
•    The history of casting or a historical craftsperson/artist/technology
•    The future of casting, casting used with 3D printing, people who are pushing the boundaries of casting
•    Extreme casting!
•    A curated group of photos that exhibit something important about casting
•    A review of a show about casting or that features a critical mass of works that are cast
•    How industry/designers/artists/craftspeople/scientists use casting
•    The environmental impact of casting
•    Cast stuff.