Want to write about casting?

We welcome anyone who loves casting to contribute to our blogs.

You don't need writing experience, just a passion for the topic and the desire to share your voice. This is a fun way to practice writing and we are always working for greater exposure for our platforms.

We have two blogs. The CAST Blog is dedicated to all things casting - from contemporary art to historical casting, and exhibitions to technical articles.  Casting Education is an online resource for teachers and students of casting - we're listing classes and offering students the chance to write about their workshop experiences.

There are three sets of guidelines below (highlighted in magenta.) Please review the one you're interested in before submitting your proposal. Guest blogging is strictly a volunteer effort. We do not charge or compensate for posting content on our blogs.

Thanks for your interest!
Jen and Renée

The CAST Blog is dedicated to all things casting.

If you have an article in mind, run it by us - we love to hear from you. 

Possible topics:
•   Your own work (that uses casting as a primary process)
•   Artists/makers who use casting as a primary process
•   Technique, a demo video, process photos with captions, etc.
•   Wax carving, modeling, using found objects, moldmaking
•   Places that specialize in casting
•   The history of casting or a historical craftsperson/artist/technology
•   The future of casting, new technology
•    A curated group of photos that exhibit something about casting
•    A review of an exhibition featuring cast objects
•    How industry/designers/artists/craftspeople/scientists use casting
•    The environmental impact of casting
•    Lifecasting
•    Cast stuff

Guidelines for the CAST Blog

Casting Education is an online resource for teachers and students of casting.

This is a place where teachers can list their upcoming casting workshops, students can look for interesting classes, and both teachers and students can share their casting workshop experiences. 

We'd love your help to make this a robust online resource for all things casting education and we're happy to give you a platform to talk about all things casting education!


We can offer you three forms of free promotion for your workshops and classes: 

  1. Spread the word to potential students by listing your upcoming workshops and classes. If you would like to list an upcoming class, please send us the necessary information (dates, cost, location, curriculum, a link to registration, your (short) bio, and a couple of photos.)
  2. Share your workshop experience in real time or as a wrap-up afterwards. Whether you'd like to write about your class experience as a guest blogger or send us content to write about, an inside look at your workshops will inspire more people to take your classes and cast!  There are no requirements to do this except some photos and your teaching experiences
  3. Write about teaching casting in general. Talk about a favoritetechnique, a specific assignment, a class, or your teaching philosophy. Turn potential students into actual students! Share images of your work, student work, and share your enthusiasm for teaching – these are common reasons why students want to study with particular teachers.

The earlier you get your class information to us, the more helpful we can be in advertising your workshop in time for students to register.

**We will include your class in our newsletter and in our newsletter posts on Facebook and Instagram. These posts are getting on average 3,000+ likes on Instagram (we're boosting newsletter posts on Instagram through Facebook) so listing on Casting Education should help you get the word out about your classes, especially if you have compelling images.

We can't wait to see what you're teaching.

Guidelines for teacher submissions


Share your workshop experience!

Whether you'd like to write about your class experience as a guest blogger or just send us pictures of your work to post with basic information about the class you took, an inside look at workshops will inspire more people to take classes and cast.

In addition to inspiring other students, writing can help you galvanize your creative experience and reflect on what you learned.

You're welcome to send us updates during your workshop or write a wrap-up post afterward. Send us photos of your inspirations, works in progress,  molds, and of course, finished work.

**Please get your teacher's permission if you want to share anything that could be their proprietary workshop content. 

We can't wait to see what you're learning.

Guidelines for student submissions

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