Rachel Dein Part 2 of 3: Deliciously Verdant New Work in "Hide", a Piccadilly Restaurant

Rachel Dein’s incredible commission for “Hide” restaurant in Piccadilly involves cast plaster panels that tie in with the overall concept of the restaurant designed by Lustedgreen and These White Walls. This is truly one of the most magnificent interior spaces we’ve ever seen and Rachel’s work is one of the most memorable parts of the restaurant.

The Cultural Power of Cast Bronze

It has not escaped our notice in recent weeks that bronze has taken an unlikely position on center stage in the national conversation. Some in America would like to take down and/or relocate Confederate monuments and others want these statues to maintain their place in the public square. This long-simmering debate boiled over in the most painful way with the events in Charlottesville, VA, with a rally called "Unite the Right."