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"Swarm" by Haimi Fenichel, Part 3 in a Series by Katia Rabey

Haimi Feniche’s piece, Swarm, is made up of 12,000 life-size porcelain snails: 5,000 on each of the poles and 2,000 to spare. They were manually cast by Fenichel one-by-one, then fired, painted, and fired again. Together they constitute a unity, sort of a one-hive mind that is even more precious because of the attention to detail paid by the artist to each of its little members. 

The Cultural Power of Cast Bronze

It has not escaped our notice in recent weeks that bronze has taken an unlikely position on center stage in the national conversation. Some in America would like to take down and/or relocate Confederate monuments and others want these statues to maintain their place in the public square. This long-simmering debate boiled over in the most painful way with the events in Charlottesville, VA, with a rally called "Unite the Right."