CAST Instagram Book Giveaway.jpg

Less than one week left for our Instagram Book Giveaway! 

There are three parts to qualify for the contest:

1) Before midnight EST on Wednesday, January 31 post a picture of something casting-related on instagram. (Feel free to interpret this broadly - it could be a person who casts, an everyday object, a picture of your own work, or whatever you deem appropriate! Creativity is good - use it!)

2) In your post, write why you want a free copy of CAST

3) Tag us with and use the hashtag #castbookgiveaway2018 in your post

We will look at all posts we're tagged in using #castbookgiveaway2018 and announce the winner on Thursday, February 1 with a repost of the winning entry and we'll tag the winner. Be creative in your choice of image and the content of your post. Don't forget the tag and the hashtag as that's how we'll be able to see your entry!

The winner will receive a copy of CAST with a signed custom bookplate. Contest is limited to the continental United States due to shipping costs. ($90 value)